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Graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management or Business-related course; Male (5'6") or Female (5'2"); 24-30 yrs. old, preferably single; at least 1-2 yrs. of managerial experience in the Food and Beverage Industry; able to conceptualize and implement attainable sales and local store marketing strategies; confident in both oral and written English, pleasing personality and with excellent people skills.


At least 2 years in college, experience in food service is a plus; Male (5'6") or Female (5'2"); 20-25 yrs. of age; preferably single; proficient in both oral and written communication skills; with pleasing personality.


Oversees the maintenance of accounts and records in all areas such as accounts payable, disbursement, accounts receivables, cash receipts and regulatory reporting. Analyzes financial information to prepare reports, make general ledger entries, and review and verify accuracy of journal entries. Prepares and/or checks, balance sheet statement, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in stockholder's equity, consolidated financial statements, and other accounting statements and reports.

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