Figaro Coffee Institutional

The Figaro Coffee Company was established in 1993 by  a group of seven friends, whose zeal for coffee was acquired from their travels all over the world.

The passion began as a hobby of brewing tasting and experimenting with many varieties of coffee from around the globe. It soon grew into a business, with the purpose of sharing the fine are of European coffee culture with as many people as possible.

The first Figaro Coffee Store formally opened in November 1993, a simple kiosk located in one of Makati's premiere mall. Originally, Figaro Offered a selection of specialty...Learn more

Our Beans are Always Freshly Roasted.

Coffee beans need to be roasted to bring out their irresistible flavor and aromatics. The sooner a roasted bean gets into a cup, the better the flavor.

Freshness is very important to us. We roast our beans in world class quality roasters, carefully watched over by roasting experts who make sure each bean is done perfectly. Once roasted, the beans are packed and sent to the stores immediately to ensure freshness. We make sure that every cup of coffee our customers enjoy is made of the best quality, perfectly roasted beans. After all, you...Learn more

Today, Figaro Coffee boasts 85 cafes in the Philippines and abroad. We pride ourselves as the leading Filipino coffee chain. After penetrating the international market, we are also expanding our services nationwide by offering our coffee products in hotels, resorts, country clubs, restaurants, call centers, corporate offices among others. We are also looking for business partners who would grow with us in servicing the provincial areas.

Products offered: Coffee Blends, Specialty Pastries, Breads & Merchandise Items

Figaro can customize coffee blends and specialty pastries...Learn more

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